Monday, October 24, 2011

Avid Henry Watchers Beware

Get well soon flowers for Stephie : )
You may be feeling Henry update withdrawals in the next few days.  I am leaving Greg in charge of the four legged boy and am going on an unscheduled trip north to Eugene.

My two legged youngest daughter went head over heels on her bike and needs a second set of ears when she visits an oral surgeon for her fractured jaw.  She tells me the cut up face is healing though still scary and the tooth cut mouth will be okay eventually.  The swollen knee would like to be driven to classes instead of biking there for a few days.

This means, of course, that Henry will be missing his Thursday final exam for his puppy class.  I promise this is not just an excuse to avoid the humiliation of failure.  Henry is doing quite well thank you -- but if it was an excuse, it would be a really great one!

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  1. I hope everything will be all right with your daughter. Henry will have more time to practice while you're gone....right, Greg?