Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day After Grooming

One day after grooming handsome Henry is looking less frothy and a bit more Henry-ish.

I do like seeing his eyes because I now know when he is paying attention when we are training.  Before it was a complete mystery.  We have been working on the down and stay.  It seems to be going well -- but of course, that is without distractions.  I am not sure if he is exhausted from his long walk with me before yesterday's trip to the vet or if he is pooped from the emotional trauma of the bath and grooming after the vet visit.  Whichever is true, he is a worn out puppy today.

I intended to duplicate the walk we did yesterday but half a block into the proposed hour he parked his little hiney on the ground and looked longingly at home.  Just as well.  I forgot my coffee money and it is already heating up in an attempt to becoming a late summer hot one.


  1. Henry's got pretty eyes! Come and play with us!

  2. Henry says, "I don't know....I'm a bit of a coward. I hide between my human's legs when big dogs come around and quiver a bit (in a very masculine way of course) when big dog voices bark behind their fences when I'm on my walks."

  3. Momo can certainly intimidate Henry, but I don't know which is more coward, Billy or Henry. Hmmm...

  4. lol could be worse. A friend brought over their new teen dog a couple nights ago. It just barked at Billy and Momo the whole time.....after trying to pee on the corner of our living room!

    Some dogs are SOOOOOOOOOO unsophisticated!!!