Thursday, October 13, 2011


This is posted in honor of my sister, Karrie!  I know.  It is an absolute no, no to make my puppy too cute, but I could not help myself.  Henry is cute.

He is even cuter in his new blue hoodie.  I got it from Baxter Boo on line - and no, I don't get a kickback for the referral.

The hoodie arrived today - and in Whittier it is suppose to get to 103 degrees second afternoon in a row.  Not the best timing, but it was chilly here when ordered and it is going to cool down soon - please!

We are now ready for those cold morning walks -- and I am motivated to go back and complete that red sweatshirt I started!  The sewing machine is came back from repairs yesterday.


  1. Billy: I'm going to ask my Papa and Mama to get me one of those hoodies!
    Momo: I'm making Papa buy me one today!

  2. ugggg, having a dog wear clothing? That is just sick!!! It is different for our hounds...those are hounds, not dogs!!!!!

  3. Hunter says, bring the little guy up here and I'll show him how to survive. My humans took me to the farm this weekend to watch them cut down trees that were so close together that they wouldn't even fall. They said it was thinning, I mean, Like I Even Understand Them! When I got tired of watching and listening to that dang saw, not to mention the language, I decided to go for a little walk-a-bout. OMG, it took them, two people on horses and another human with his dog six hours to find me and that wasn't until some strange guy in a pickup kidnaped me from the road side and took me to his place. Gees, you'd think I run off and got lost or somethin'.Just because my humans could hardly move after crawling through brush, berry bushes, up and down hills for hours shouting my name (Hello I'm deaf) they want to make a big deal out of it. Like I said, I'll show Henry how to survive, but his humans better watch out for mine. They lose me a lot these days.

  4. Hunter, please listen to your Auntie Sue. Roger and Karrie must have been besides themselves. Pup nephew, you must be more sensitive to your humans' needs. People are not like dogs. They need to feel the security of knowing their pup is there to protect and comfort them. When they leave you, you need to stay in approximately the same spot or they get confused and panic. Heavens, you crazy dog, they could still be out there in the brambles wandering in panic stricken circles.