Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Three Headed Dog

So sweet he could almost melt like cotton candy - right?  If you have not met him yet, this is Henry, my adorable little teripoo.  Or perhaps, for todays blog page, terror-poo or even terrorist-poo.

He lives life with joy and curiosity.  He wags so hard he knocks himself over in his excitement.  He licks and loves with gusto.  And then, just when a moment of peace drifts over our space and I look around to admire him, I discover yet another decapitated plug. With a look of glee he grabs the piece and skitters out of the crime scene with his prize.

This is his third decapitation.  The first two were chargers for my IMac. I have been as careful as a new mom with crawling baby.  I keep him in my space - where ever that is at the moment.  I block and hide the cords and put nearly everything out of reach, but he becomes a tricky little devil whenever I have a moment of lapse.  Henry then switches from adorable puppy to the three headed dog of Harry Potter fame.

I guess if I asked Hagrid, he would tell me to play music.  Although that worked for Harry, Ron and Hermione, that doesn't seem to be working out for me.  Plug fun behind him, Henry is currently sleeping the sleep of innocence, but he cannot fool me, I see those spiky little devil horns poking out of his sweet furry head.

Just a quick update - Henry is up again and back at work.  His puppy pet will never bark or walk again.  Henry will, undoubtedly, keep dragging the poor thing around trying to get a reaction from the little guy to no avail.

The three headed dog strikes again without mercy and without thought of the consequences! Poor little mechanical pet.


  1. BillyMomo, please don't encourage him!

  2. Hopefully he doesn't bite through anything plugged in. You do remember the cat in Nat. Lampoon Christmas Vacation!

  3. I've got to get some of that bitter apple stuff to spray on stuff.