Saturday, October 15, 2011


Yes.  I did forget to go to puppy class.  I didn't remember until Henry, Greg and I stopped mid-walk to practice.  It was a high school moment.  "Oh my gosh.  It has already started.  I'm tardy already!  I will not be able to get to the class until half way through - so all the teaching will be done.  Henry will be humiliated to have to dopiest human."  Next week is the test week.  We are going to have to practice like crazy.

Today!  University of Washington Husky football.  Naturally it will not be on the television in Southern California - but we can stream it with on-line radio.  I'm listening now. The pre-game show really sounds like that sequence from Big Trouble about the Gator Fans.  Henry and I are going to listen.  We cannot see the UW Husky, but maybe we will get to hear him bark.

In preparation of that manly sport, football, Henry can be seen here getting hyped up for the game with his puppy partner.

Big news!  Greg found the game on Root TV.  Yippee!!

Yae Huskies!  Henry ...  I mean UW won!

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  1. A Husky Football win and no class. Must have been a great day for your household!