Sunday, October 23, 2011

Third Play Date

Building a clubhouse for five year old Otis is great fun especially with the help of two dogs and the curious and hands-on five year old. While the two dogs spent time discussing whether or not the extension cord would be more useful in two pieces, Otis experimented with cardboard box dwellings and construction scraps.

Henry thinks a five year old is just right, and the five year old thinks Henry is a bit too clingy.

Did we finish?  Nope. If you look at the photo to the left, you will see that it really doesn't look a whole lot different than yesterday's efforts. We did get the floor in and it is lovely and solid.  It will eventually be sanded and painted to avoid slivers.  We also got the board in place to create the roof pitch for drainage. I refuse to mention that we may need to jack up the left side  to get it totally level.

I also will not mention that Henry dug up a dead squirrel that Arlo buried at some point. There was a very definite over ripe odor. Henry is going to enjoy a bath this evening before bed.