Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Water! It comes out of that spout and goes down here...he can hear, smell and taste it, but he cannot seem to catch the flow from the downspout to the drain. The rest of the shots were way too blurred to post.

Henry is experiencing rain for the first time. So exciting!  I am experiencing understanding -- I now see why folks train their dogs to stay off the furniture until invited. In an excess of joy, Henry comes in after playing in the rain and hops on Greg's chair then down and on the couch to roll and wiggle off the excess moisture.


  1. Just wait for the first time with hanging Christmas tree ornaments. Now they are really fun. Or those colorfully wrapped things under that indoor potty tree your humans brought in for you. For a puppy it's truly "Joy to the World"

  2. Oh, oh. Didn't really think that through. Sam, Steph and Ryan are coming down for Christmas and decorations. This could be interesting!