Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pooped Pup

Today Henry and I returned to Dana's house. Henry wanted another playdate with the big red dog, Arlo. I wanted to help Dana frame out a clubhouse for Otis. The house is going to be 5x4 and Arlo pretty much fills it up.

Henry was, of course,  excited to see Arlo again.  Arlo was tolerant. Henry was cautious. Maybe spending time with Arlo will make my boy less crazy during his Petsmart class. I doubt it though.

Tomorrow Henry and Arlo are having their third playdate. Dana and I will be trying to finish off the club house. I am getting a great erector set feeling.  Now we just need to fill in all the spaces....okay, maybe a bit more than that.  What you see to the right is as far as we got.  There will be a floor and roof (if you want a pre-cursor to see if we succeed).  The walls we may leave up to Otis.  Palm fronds - blankets, sheets.  Whatever a young mind can design.

Henry, of course, thinks it is great - in fact, we ended up having to tie the pup up during crucial development times.  He was just way too interested in being involved in the creating process.


  1. Don't forget to also building in a good 4 inches of insulation, and maybe a heated floor.....

    Oh, wait, that is for Illinois dog houses....assuming that we'd have out dogs actually stay outside.....

    Hmmmm, forget it!

  2. That looks like fun!! Wish we were there to watch you work while we play with Henry. We'd try not to reverse his training, but probably wouldn't succeed!