Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yummy Chicken

One word:  CHICKEN.  I  saved all the moist yummy parts for my boy, Henry.  I used them for training today and we did great.  Best ever! Today was our practice graduation test and if this had been the final, we would have aced it. Yes, Henry is pretty hot stuff.  He is still so excited to go to PetSmart that he walks in on his hind legs practically turning flips.  We needed something tasty or there would have been zero focus.

Greg suggests that we do the next class.  Is that a hint we need to keep working?  Yep.  I think so.  Hum.  I'm thinking it is time to cook another chicken!


  1. It sounds like Henry is doing wonderful. He's now got his human trained to walk behind him on a leash and to hand him chicken treats when every he feels like doing something cute. Hunter is very jealous of Henry's powers. Will they let Henry bring chicken to the final exam?

  2. Yep! For the puppy class it is okay. The next class however they step it up. Hum. Does that mean steak? Henry wants to know.

  3. Hey Henry, can we have some of those chicken treats please? blink blink