Saturday, October 29, 2011

Eugene and Whittier

One of my few pre-school memories - 60 or so years ago - is of my mom taking me for a treat at a drug store around the corner from Dr. Rutherford's office in Seattle. It was after an inoculation and I still remember being extremely miserable.

So what if she is in graduate school; she is still one of my baby girls. I asked Stephie what she wanted after her doctor visit, she was miserable too, but with more justification.  She wanted to have her bedroom painted. 

So my last day visiting, that is what we did.  It took most of the day scraping, filling, sanding and painting but we finished up just after midnight.
Heading home today,  I slept on the flight from Eugene to Seattle and the flight from Seattle to Long Beach.  I'm all caught up!  Just as well.  Arriving home, Henry welcomed me with enthusiastic jubilation.  This is the "after shot".  He used up all his energy but made me feel very welcome.


  1. ..........Makes a mental job list to send to Sue for after my next dentist appointment....

  2. Wait - I saw pictures! Your house is pristine.

  3. What the heck are you doing working my poor injured niece!