Friday, October 7, 2011

Play Date

A play date is in the offing on Saturday -- we will see how that goes.  Dana has a lab who is perhaps as nutty as Henry. While Henry did get along with Kathy's big dog and Roger and Karrie's handsome old guy, Henry did need constant reassurances of his probable longevity.  He spent quite a bit of time hiding between my feet.  

On our walk today we met a labradoodle.  He was really big and very good looking and good natured - however, his boss was trying to train him to sit and not pull on the leash (who does that sound like?)  Thank goodness Henry is not that strong.  I'd never manage to control him.  She said that when she first started walking her dog they always ran, so now he always pulls at the leash and retraining him is really a challenge.

I must be more consistent or my future is set!

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  1. He's a good looking hound, I'm just not sure I could be the caregiver to any kind of a doodle, Labra or other wise. I'll watch a couple of Julia Roberts movies and maybe they'll soften me up a little.