Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Long Distance Henry

I am in Eugene.  Henry is in Whittier.  We just "talked" over the phone.  The phone slobber must mean he misses me.  (No!  I don't care what you say. He misses me.) I am sure Greg is spoiling him.

Now, back to the halloween theme - since I cannot torment Henry with halloween outfits at a distance, I had Stephie dress up for me.  This was at the more cheerful time - pre-oral surgery. A time still full of hope that the fractured jaw would all go away before it was time to collect halloween candy.  The right hand picture is ten hours after the oral surgeon finished with her. All thoughts of solid candy are out of her mind.  Melted chocolate and ice cream is about as close as she will get for the next six weeks.

It could be worst!  At least the jaw is held in place with pegs and bands instead of being wired shut - and as always, Steph manages to remain pretty cheerful or at least grateful for any small blessings.


  1. Our poor baby! Every time I think about the bike accident I cringe. Wish we were there to help melt her chocolate and sawsall the bike into tiny pieces!

  2. Randy and I bought tons of candy for Halloween yesterday. Hope we have enough... Have a lot of melted chocolate and ice cream, Stephanie :-)

  3. Thank you! Sofa Travelers and BillyMomo - you guys made her smile. She says "no sawsall, it was operator error." BillyMomo - you might have to hide the Halloween candy until the date. There might be sampling by the adults! There would be at my house.

  4. Geeez, that pic is after oral surgery??? I wish I looked that good now!!!!!

    And----AWESOME t-shirt!!!!!

  5. P.S. Sampling of candy by adults ahead of Halloween is just common sense! How else do we know that the candy is free of flaws, razor blades, etc. I'm just thinking of the children!!!!

  6. Really, I agree with Randall on that one too. That is after the surgey ? Good thing your so young and healthy. I'm sure glad the brain bucket is a law for me. Heck if it wasn't you'd probably still wear it. You sure picked out a nice costume. Sorry all you get is chocolate
    and ice cream.