Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lick 'em and leave 'em

Henry is curled up on his blanket sleeping the sleep of innocence.  Really ... and no,  he still has not killed his pet dog.  Although he may have attempted the murder on multiple occasions.

Henry had a tap on the front door from the mail carrier and he bolted out to give a ton of kisses with tail wagging madly.  Responding to a knock on the side door, he bolted again and wagged madly attempting to give kisses to the fellow trimming our hedge. Lucky thing that the gate was blocked with debris and the feeling-the-love connection was so strong with the yard guy.  Otherwise Henry would have been out the open gate and attempting to lick drivers passing on our busy street.

I must be doing something right. He likes everyone he can see. So if our house is broken into and he spots the intruder, all is well. The guy/gal will be slobbered upon. That'll show 'em. If he hears but cannot see, he will bark, cower and hide. That's our boy!

The yard guy and three of his helpers are doing extra trimming for us. The hedge trimming is incredible. The guys arrived at 8:30 and it is after 12:00. The thing has been trimmed to half the height (about seven feet now) letting light in to the surrounding plants but still giving us lots of privacy since none of our neighbors are eight feet tall. The hedge is mostly oleander so I suppose it will get that nasty little beetle which is killing all of the freeway oleanders. My plan is to continue putting in privets so it won't be bare when the oleanders die out.

It is amazing to me that we can have four people and their machinery in the back yard making noise, talking, dragging limbs and foilage to their truck in the front drive -- and Henry is oblivious.  This from the dog who jumps and skitters after dark when a leaf falls from a tree.


  1. Hunter would love that toy for the entire 2 min. it takes him to shred all of his to pieces.

  2. Henry doesn't shred his toys, but he got yet another plug today. What is it that makes him think that is so wonderful?