Saturday, October 8, 2011

Henry's Sweatshirt

You know you are retired when you enough time to figure out a sweatshirt for your dog.  A favorite bright red sweatshirt belonging to Stephanie was the luck winner of the lottery.  I started with finding a simple design on the computer.  It had to be altered to work with the sweatshirt but the site offered a fill-in form for Henry's measurements.  It simplified the whole process!

Of course the second thing I did was break the sewing machine.  I am so predictable, right?  So a break in the action was inserted to drop the machine off and to discover the Singer had acquired a broken cog that requires ordering - ready in a couple of weeks.

Back at work -- I cut the pieces and basted the parts together - undid the basting and cut the parts down smaller -- safety pinned the alterations together this time.

Check out the one on the left. The length still needs shortening and tapering in under the tummy.  Velcro or button will be added at chest and tummy.  Edges finished somehow and legs loosened a bit.

The nifty thing about the whole process is how patient Henry has been so far.  Who would have thought that the same pup who chews on my fingers every time I put on his collar is easy going and almost welcoming when I put the sweatshirt over his head and his legs in place?

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